Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937), Peter Lorre adventure movie

Think Fast, Mr. Moto (1937)

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On a freighter going from San Francisco to Shanghai Mr. Moto solves mysteries caused by a gang of smugglers.

Think fast, Mr. Moto, Marquand's third novel constructed around the Mr. Moto character, became the basis for Twentieth Century-Fox's first film entry of the same name. In all, Think Fast, Mr. Moto was followed by seven more Mr. Moto entries starring Peter Lorre in the lead role. In 1965, Twentieth Century-Fox revised the series and produced a ninth film starring Henry Silva, The Return of Mr. Moto, a film that was probably better left unmade.
During celebration of the Chinese New Year's in San Francisco's Chinatown, Mr. Moto is first seen disguised as a street peddler. He carefully stares at a rug with a design of" a tiger that hangs in the window of a curio shop and a man in costume with a British Union Jack tattoo on his right wrist emerges from the shop whose door has a "closed" sign. Disregarding the sign, Moto enters the shop and inquires about the rug that bears the design of the tiger but the shop owner (Fredrick Vogeding) says it is not for sale. Moto counters by ottering some or his "treasures" tor sale but the curio dealer declines, saying that treasures are not sold by common street peddlers as "they have no proper setting," a remark that seems so out of place that Moto takes it as some sort of recognition code. However, Moto still presses on, offering to sell the store owner a large diamond he recently acquired. He asks $5,000 claiming that the stone is easily worth $20,000 but the store owner counters with a $2,000 offer...
Source: The Complete Mr. Moto Film Phile: A Casebook
By Howard M. Berlin


70 min.

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Twentieth Century Fox


Think Fast, Mr. Moto , Die Abenteuer des Mister Moto - Mister Moto, der Schatten von Schanghai , L'énigmatique Monsieur Moto , O Misterioso Mr. Moto , Tænk hurtigt, Mr. Moto , Silmät auki, Mr. Moto , L'énigmatique M. Moto , Mr. Moto Sanghaiban , Tigre verde , De raadselachtige Mr. Moto , Gândeşte repede, D-le Moto , Думай быстро, мистер Мото , Mr. Moto und die Schmugglerbande , Mr. Moto und der Schmugglerring , Think Fast Mr Moto

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    Sol M. Wurtzel executive producer


    Howard Ellis Smith screen play &
    Norman Foster screen play
    John P. Marquand based on a story by as J.P. Marquand
    Wyllis Cooper additional original dialogue uncredited
    Wyllis Cooper revisions uncredited
    Charles Kenyon contributing writer uncredited


    R.H. Bassett uncredited uncredited
    Samuel Kaylin uncredited uncredited


    Peter Lorre Mr. Moto
    Virginia Field Gloria Danton
    Thomas Beck Bob Hitchings
    Sig Ruman Nicolas Marloff
    Murray Kinnell Joseph Wilkie
    John Rogers Carson
    Lotus Long Lela Liu
    George Cooper Muggs Blake
    Frederick Vogeding Curio Dealer
    Philip Ahn Switchboard Operator
    Richard Alexander Ivan - Doorman
    Lloyd Allen Nightclub Trombonist
    Dudley Brooks Nightclub Pianist
    George 'Red' Callender Nightclub Bassist
    Paul Fung Chauffeur
    George Hassell Robert Hitchings Sr.
    Ray Hendricks Soloist
    Tom Herbert Seasick Male Passenger
    Les Hite Nightclub Saxophonist
    Charles Irwin Replacement Steward
    Isabel La Mal Seasick Female Passenger
    Sam Labrador Menial
    William Law Shanghai Police Chief
    Frank Mayo Ship's Captain Marshall
    Louis Mercier French Sailor on Telephone
    Red Morris Nightclub Trumpeter
    Lee Phelps Chinatown Detective
    Bert Roach Ship's Bartender
    Virginia Sale Ship's Stewardess
    Count Stefenelli Club Patron
    Charles Tannen One of Bob's Friends
    Harry Tenbrook Henchman
    Sammee Tong Cheela - Marloff's Houseboy
    Tom Ung Scarfaced Man
    Ellis Walsh Nightclub Drummer
    Howard Wilson Bob's Drunken Pal
    Beal Wong Chinese Nightclub Waiter
    Soo Yong Telephone Operator
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