The Kid from Texas (1950), Audie Murphy western movie

The Kid from Texas (1950)

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In New Mexico, Billy the Kid is involved in the Lincoln County War, kills many rivals and eventually becomes a wanted fugitive.

This was an early starring role for real-life war hero turned actor Audie Murphy (1925-1971). Studio publicity claimed The Kill from Texas set a new record for the number of deaths depicted onscreen:
In 1879 New Mexico, ranchers are warring with over property rights. Lawyer Alexander Kain and his business partner, Roger Jameson, are confronted in their office by armed men trying to serve an arrest warrant on behalf of their rival, Major Harper. Young William Bonney cornes to their aid, showing off his impressive marksmanship, and earns himself a job as a ranchhand, thanks to a grateful jameson. Though jameson knows Billv has had a violent past, starting with killing his own
stepfather for mistreating his mother, he gives the young man a fair chance, and is rewarded with Billy's loyalty. Showing his respect for Jameson, "the only man that ever treated me like I was good enough to shake hands with," Billy agrées to put his guns away until they are needed. Kain, who's more dubious about Billy, arrives at the ranch with his beautiful young bride Irene in tow. Both Billy and Irene clearly take note of each other, enjoying a pleasant chat under the moonlight. Kain remonstrates with his bride for being friendly with the help. The governor ot the New Mexico Territory calls on Kain and Harper to end their violent teud, and both men agree. When several of Harper's henchmen turn up at the Kain ranch, wanting revenge for being shot by Billy, Jameson tries to handle the situation with nonviolent means, and is promptly shot dead. Strapping on his gun belt once more, Billy vows to avenue his friend and mentors death, however long it takes...
Source: Gale Storm: A Biography and Career Record By David C. Tucker



78 min.

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The Kid from Texas , Verfemt , De kid van Texas , Le kid du Texas , Duelo Sangrento , Juramento cumplido , Texas-drengen , Texasin kauhu , Le Kid du Texas , Matomenos tromos , Tha ekdikitho me pyromeno atsali , Bill il selvaggio , A Justiça de Billy , Puştanul din Texas , La leyenda de Billy el Niño , Texas Kid , Texas Kid, Outlaw , El salvaje Bill

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    Paul Short producer
    George C. Bertholon associate producer uncredited


    Karl Kamb screenplay



    Audie Murphy William Bonney 'Billy the Kid'
    Gale Storm Irene Kain
    Albert Dekker Alexander Kain
    Shepperd Strudwick Roger Jameson
    Will Geer O'Fallon
    William Talman Minninger
    Robert Barrat General Lew Wallace
    Frank Wilcox Sheriff Pat Garrett
    Dennis Hoey Major Harper
    Ray Teal Sheriff Rand
    Don Haggerty Morgan
    Paul Ford Sheriff Copeland
    John Phillips Sid Curtis
    Harold Goodwin Matt Curtis
    Zon Murray Lucas
    Tom Trout Denby
    Pilar Del Rey Marguarita
    Parley Baer Off-Screen Narrator
    James Burke Blacksmith
    Martin Cichy Townsman
    Victor Cox Townsman
    Jack Curtis Townsman
    Watson Downs Bookkeeper
    Al Ferguson Townsman
    Terry Frost Townsman
    Edward Gargan Blacksmith
    Jim Hayward Cowboy
    Jack Ingram Wagon Driver
    Jack Shutta Deputy
    Jack Tornek Townsman
    Dick Wessel Deputy Bart, the Jailer
    Robert J. Wilke Henchman
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