Shortbus (2006)

movie | drama, romance | usa

Shortbus (2006), Paul Dawson drama movie

A group of New Yorkers caught up in their romantic-sexual milieu converge at an underground salon infamous for its blend of art, music, politics, and carnality.


John Cameron Mitchell ... directed by


Paul Dawson ... James
Lindsay Beamish ... Severin
Adam Hardman ... Jesse, the John
Sook-Yin Lee ... Sofia
Raphael Barker ... Rob
Peter Stickles ... Caleb, the Stalker

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Future Film (finland)

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101 min.

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thinkfilm Fortissimo Films Q Television Process Media


Shortbus , Шортбъс , Shortbus - Dove tutto è permesso , Tu última parada , Shortbus - O comedie exxxtremă , Клуб Shortbus , Šortbas , The Sex Film Project

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Shortbus (2006)
Shortbus (2006)

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Wouter Barendrecht executive producer
Howard Gertler producer
Pamela Hirsch co-producer
Richie Jackson co-executive producer
Morgan Higby Night associate producer
Tim Perell producer
Bobbi Thompson co-executive producer
Michael J. Werner executive producer
Neil Westreich associate producer
Richard Wofford associate producer
Alexis Fish executive producer uncredited



Yo La Tengo original score by original score by


Adam Hardman Jesse, the John
Peter Stickles Caleb, the Stalker
PJ DeBoy Jamie
David Pittu Jacuzzi Hunter
Jeff Whitty Jacuzzi Hunted
Mickey Cottrell Dead Man in the Jacuzzi
Mary Beth Peil Ann Our Lady of the Gutter
Shanti Carson Leah, the Beautiful Couple
Jan Hilmer Nick, the Beautiful Couple
Bradford Scobie Dr. Donut
Murray Hill Murray Hill
Ethan Eunson-Conn Sex-Not-Bombs Room D.J.
Jonathan Caouette Blondie-Grabber
Rachel Friedman Yenta Voice
Reg Vermue The Albino
Ray Rivas Shabbos Goy
Alan Mandell Tobias, the Mayor
Bitch Bitch / Shortbus House Band
Lex Vaughn Bucky
Yolonda Ross Faustus
Daniela Sea Little Prince
Tanya Gagné The Wau Wau Sisters
Adrienne Truscott The Wau Wau Sisters
Dirty Martini Dirty Martini
Timmy Young Mikey / Oglesby the Puppet
The World Famous *BoB* The World Famous *BOB*
Eric Gilliland Eric Gilliland
Jasper James Jasper
Grace Kahng Suicide Nurse
Miriam Shor Cheryl
Harry Slattery Piñata Boy
Ralph Gunderman Radio Announcer
Nate Calkins Shortbus House Band
Christine Choi Shortbus House Band
Paul Festa Shortbus House Band / Sextra
Peter Gingerich Shortbus House Band
Scott Matthew Shortbus House Band
Louis Schwadron Shortbus House Band
Jeannann Seidman Shortbus House Band
Matt Way Shortbus House Band
John Caffery Sextra
Aeran Doron Sextra
Patrick Egan Sextra
Cat Erickson Sextra
Feva Sextra
Joseph Gross Sextra
Bel Jordan Sextra
Bré Kelly Sextra
Kenneth Lang Sextra
Lapis Luxury Sextra
Erin Markey Sextra
Kelly McKay Sextra
Jesse Miller Sextra
Carlo Quispe Sextra
Emma Rander Sextra
Frank Susa Sextra
Matt Thomas Sextra
Jorge Torres Sextra
Lix Velvet Sextra
Will D. Ware Sextra
Kris Anton Hungry March Band
Jason Candler Hungry March Band
Jon 'Corn Mo' Cunningham Hungry March Band
Luca Fadda Hungry March Band
Emily Fairey Hungry March Band
Julie Hair Hungry March Band
Michele Hardesty Hungry March Band
Jen Emma Hertel Hungry March Band
John Heyenga Hungry March Band
Ben Holtzman Hungry March Band
Richard Hutchins Hungry March Band
Sebastian Isler Hungry March Band
Joseph B. Keady Hungry March Band
Quince Marcum Hungry March Band
Ben Meyers Hungry March Band
Anders Nelson Hungry March Band
Greg Schneiderman Hungry March Band
Sasha Sumner Hungry March Band
Samantha Tsisktinas Hungry March Band
Sara Valentine Hungry March Band
Theresa Westerdahl Hungry March Band
Okkon Yokoyama Hungry March Band
Fast Ali Party Girl
Marc Bonan House Band Guest
Daniel J. Gerstle Club Guest
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