Rush Hour 3 (2007), Chris Tucker action movie

Rush Hour 3 (2007)

movie | usa, germany User score: 70 % (1 votes )
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After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads' secret leaders.


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91 min.

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finland: K-13 uk: 12A usa: TV-14


Rush Hour 3 , A Hora do Rush 3 , Час Пик 3 , Heure limite 3 , Una Pareja Explosiva 3 , Gas do daske 3 , Krizovatka smrti 3 , Tipptund 3 , Alexisfairoi detective 3 , Αλεξίσφαιροι ντετέκτιβ 3 , Csúcsformában 3. , Rush Hour - Missione Parigi , Piko valanda 3 , Una pareja explosiva 3 , Una pareja explosiva , Godziny szczytu 3 , Hora de Ponta 3 , Oră de Vârf 3 , Чaс пик 3 , Ful gas 3 , Hora punta 3 , Bitirim Ikili 3 , Година пiк 3

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    John Bernard line producer: Paris
    Roger Birnbaum producer
    Samuel J. Brown development executive
    Andrew Z. Davis producer
    Leon Dudevoir co-producer
    Toby Emmerich executive producer
    James M. Freitag co-producer
    David Gorder associate producer
    Darryl Jones associate producer
    Jay Stern producer


    Jeff Nathanson written by
    Ross LaManna characters



    Chris Tucker Carter
    Max von Sydow Reynard
    Yvan Attal George
    Yûki Kudô Dragon Lady
    Noémie Lenoir Genevieve
    Jingchu Zhang Soo Yung
    Tzi Ma Ambassador Han
    Dana Ivey Sister Agnes
    Henry O Master Yu
    Mia Tyler Marsha
    Michael Chow Chinese Foreign Minister
    David Niven Jr. British Foreign Minister
    Andrew Quang Kung Fu Kid
    Mingming Sun Kung Fu Giant
    Kentaro French Assassin
    Ludovic Paris French Cop
    Richard Dieux French Cop
    Olivier Schneider French Cop
    Philippe Bergeron Baccarat Dealer
    Daniel Yabut Croupier
    Frank Bruynbroek Bartender
    Lisa Piepergerdes Falling Woman
    Éric Naggar Front Desk Man
    Silvie Laguna Elevator Woman
    Micaelle Mee-Sook Chinese Waitress
    Daniel Decrauze Singing Guitarist
    Ann Christine Dressing Room Girl
    Anna Chiu Dressing Room Girl
    Heather Mostofizadeh Dressing Room Girl
    Jasmine Dustin Dressing Room Girl
    Francesca Cecil Dressing Room Girl
    Michel Francini Old Man on Balcony
    Julie Depardieu George's Wife
    Marc Hoang Eiffel Tower Lookout
    Lisa Byrnes Follies Dancer
    Melissa Cabrera Follies Dancer
    Mandy Coulton Follies Dancer
    R.J. Durell Follies Dancer
    Catherine Ferrino Follies Dancer
    Loriel Hennington Follies Dancer
    Rachael Markarian Follies Dancer
    Jaayda McClanahan Follies Dancer
    Annabeth Miller Follies Dancer
    Victoria Gracie Follies Dancer
    Vanessa Tarazona Follies Dancer
    Laetitia Ray Follies Dancer
    Tovaris Wilson Follies Dancer
    Diana Carr Gendarmes Dancer
    Noa Dori Gendarmes Dancer
    Kayla McGee Gendarmes Dancer
    Tanja Plecas Gendarmes Dancer
    Kristin Quinn Gendarmes Dancer
    Liliya Toneva Gendarmes Dancer
    Don Abernathy Dignitary / Limo Driver / Protester
    Gia Bay Dressing Room Girl
    Flynn Beck French Saloon Girl
    Hélène Cardona Stewardess
    Darryl Chan Reynard Triad Gangster
    George Cheung Reynard Triad Gangster
    Alexandra Choi U.N. Woman
    Arnold Chon Motorcycle Triad
    Libby Clearfield Follies patron
    Rich Cohen Baccarat Dealer
    Arnaud Collery Casino Scene Playboy
    John R. Duncan Dignatary
    Elaine Anne Furst US Delegate
    Lon Haber French Taxi Driver
    Philip Baker Hall Captain William Diel
    Alicia Hannah Cocktail Waitress
    Richard Hotson ICU Cop #1
    Alexander Kanellakos WCC Security Officer Wolfe
    Silvy Kas Dressing Room Girl
    Kent Kasper Foreign Minister
    Kainoa Kilcher Kung Fu Student
    Xihuaru Kilcher Kung fu Student
    Vera Kopp Dressing Room Girl
    Kathryn Le Dressing Room Girl
    James LeQuang Kung Fu Student
    James Lew Triad Assassin
    Yvonne Lu Cocktail Waitress
    Jill Maddrell Casino Guest
    Julie Michaels French Patron
    Angel Monroe News Reporter
    Matthew Osborne Kung Fu Student
    David Pearl Security Guard
    Evelina Pereira Foreign Minister
    Roman Polanski Detective Revi
    Simon Rhee Triad Assassin
    John Robert Protester
    Sahlima Follies Patron
    Noush Skaugen Casino Guest
    Heather Storm Dressing Room Girl
    Tina Tsunoda Waitress
    Joe Vida Detective Rick
    Wendy Wells-Gunkel Night Club Patron
    Kelley Whilden Showgirl
    Maria Zambrana Photographer
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