Ready Player One (2018)

movie | action, adventure, sci-fi | usa

Ready Player One (2018), Tye Sheridan action movie


Steven Spielberg


Tye Sheridan ... Parzival / Wade
Olivia Cooke ... Art3mis / Samantha
Ben Mendelsohn ... Sorrento
Lena Waithe ... Aech / Helen
T.J. Miller ... I-R0k
Simon Pegg ... Ogden Morrow

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When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune.

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Ready Player One
Warner Home Video / Warner Bros. Entertainment (Scandinavia)

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140 min.

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amblin entertainment De Line Pictures Farah Films & Management reliance entertainment village roadshow pictures warner bros.


Ready Player One , Baslat , Igralec st. 1 , Igrač broj 1 , Jogador Nº 1 , OAZE: Žaidimas prasideda , Ready Player One: Comienza el Juego , Ready Player One: Comienza el juego , Ready Player One: Hra sa začína , Ready Player One: Hra začíná , Ready Player One: Jogador 1 , Ready Player One: Sã înceapã jocul , Ready Player One: comienza el juego , Sakhkan mispar akhat , Valmistub esimene mängija , Играч първи, приготви се , Первому игроку приготовиться , Першому гравцю приготуватися

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Watched films and series! from user Ville Lähde

'Äärimmäisen hengetön CGI-ähky. Spielberg on joskus osannut tehdä juuri tämän tyylisiä elokuvia mutta kaukana ovat ne ajat.'
rating: 2. watched: Ville Lähde 30. 3 2018 (elokuvateatteri)

Rauli arvostelee from user Rauli

'The book "Ready Player One" was really cool and compelling science fiction story but what a fucking shit-cake and let-down the movie was! For fucks sake what the hell happened? They took everything good from the book and threw it in the garbage bin and then make a movie based on only popular culture gimmicks. What a piece of shit.'
rating: 2. watched: Rauli 30. 3 2018 (cinema)

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Ready Player One (2018)
Ready Player One (2018)

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Ville Lähde added picture 1. 4 2018
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Bruce Berman executive producer
Donald De Line producer
Christopher DeFaria executive producer
Dan Farah producer
Daniel Lupi executive producer
Jennifer Meislohn co-producer
Adam Somner executive producer


Zak Penn screenplay by and
Ernest Cline screenplay by
Ernest Cline based on the novel by



Tye Sheridan Parzival / Wade
Olivia Cooke Art3mis / Samantha
Ben Mendelsohn Sorrento
Lena Waithe Aech / Helen
Simon Pegg Ogden Morrow
Mark Rylance Anorak / Halliday
Hannah John-Kamen F'Nale Zandor
Clare Higgins Mrs. Gilmore
Laurence Spellman Lame Tattoo Guy Reb
Joel MacCormack Sixer #6655
Kit Connor Reb Kid
Leo Heller Reb Kid
Ronke Adekoluejo Sorrento's Assistant
William Gross Ten-Year Old Kid
Gareth Mason Chubby Guy
Sandra Dickinson Old Boxing Woman
Lynne Wilmot Pole Dancer
Jayden Fowora-Knight Boy Playing Tennis
Gavin Marshall Shift Manager / Mocap Core Cast
Mark Stanley Old Zombie Woman
Gem Refoufi Pretty Naked Girl Body Double
Jane Leaney Queen of Cats / Bathroom Zombie / Mocap Core Cast
Asan N'Jie Sixer #5 Last Sixer
Robert Gilbert Andrew Sorrento's Head of Security
Stephen Mitchell Police Officer
Letitia Wright Reb Safe House
Kae Alexander Reb Safe House
Josh Jefferies Mocap Core Cast / Sixer Instructor
Avye Leventis Mocap Core Cast / Female Sixer #2
Dean Street Mocap Core Cast
Michael Wildman Sixer Drill Instructor
Turlough Convery Chief Oology Expert
Joe Hurst Oology Expert
Eric Sigmundsson Oology Expert
James Dryden Oology Expert
Danielle Phillips Oology Expert
Rona Morison Oology Expert
Khalil Madovi Oology Expert
Bruce Lester-Johnson IOI Board Member
Tom Turner IOI Board Member
Paul Barnhill Sorrento's Man
Isaac Andrews Halliday 7 Years Old
Maeve Bluebell Wells Female Sixer #1
Naana Agyei Ampadu Gospel Singer
Donovan Blackwood Gospel Singer
Neet Mohan Snacks Bootsuit Commercial
Georgie Farmer Kid Bootsuit Commercial
Kathryn Wilder Female Gamer Bootsuit Commercial
Sid Sagar Regular Guy Bootsuit Commercial
David Forman Hong Kong Businessman
Ian Davies Police Officer Stacks Explosion
Lulu Wilson Elementary Kid
Adolfo Alvarez Elementary Kid
Alonso Alvarez Elementary Kid
Jadah Marie Elementary Kid
Dallas Young Elementary Kid
Mckenna Grace Elementary Kid
Arianna Jaffier High School Kid
Armani Jackson High School Kid
Britain Dalton High School Kid
Jacob Bertrand High School Kid
Daniel Zolghadri High School Kid
Sydney Brower Girl in Bedroom at House
Cara Pifko Leslee
Vic Chao Goro
Raed Abbas Willy Junior
Peter Alberti Zandor's Technician
David Barrera Guy On Bus
Amy Clare Beales Shop Staff
Paul Bean IOI Security Staff
Kiera Bell IOI Staff
Jaeden Bettencourt Soccer Player
Gordon Bibby Stacks Mob Leader
Juan Carlos Cantu Bus Passenger
Ray Ray Chase Bus Goer
Emme Chisholm Classroom Kid
Justin Cosh Player
Avery Franklin Davis Elementary Student
Marty Dew Dancer
Daniel Duru Barber
Julian Edwards Supermarket Kid #2
Daniel Eghan Corporate Businessman
Nousha Flore School Kid
Gloria Garcia IOI Staff
Rudy Valentino Grant Caravan Stacks Tenant
Shane Griffin Core Sixer
Paulette Harris-German Blue Collar Worker
Carter Hastings Kid at Home
Alfred Hsing Chinese Gamer
A.J. Hudson Friend
Nasir Jama Cafe Patron
Michelle Jeffers Games Player
Lucas Jones Sub Rebel
Arun Kapur Fighter
Ben Kelleher IOI Staff Member
Paul Kenward Stacks Pizza Paul
Amanda LaCount High School Student
Sylvester Livingstone Blue Collar Worker
Bobby Mahmi Office Worker
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo Corporate Businessman
Violet McGraw Shopping Cart Kid
Adam Millard Blue Collar Worker
Morris Minelli Oology Expert
Andre Myers Virtual Reality Creature
Julia Nickson JN / Commuter
Emeson Nwolie Blue Collar Worker
Hugh O'Brien Technician VR
Racheal Ofori Beautiful Woman
Chuey Okoye OASIS Player
Baltazar Oliva Stacks Resident
Steven Peace IOI SWAT Team / Rebel
Elisa Perry Shopper
Jacqueline Ramnarine Stacks Worker
Blake Ridder Hong Kong Office Worker
Di Vinci SanTana Soccer Goalie
Alicia Shenreice Stacks Resident
Clem So Stacks Dweller
William Spain Stacks Reb
Albert Tang Contemporary Stacks Resident
Fran Targ Blue Collar Worker
Brayden Titus Soccer Player
Daniel Tuite Lajeremy Johnson
Mariah Watkins Soccer Player
Tom Whelehan Homeless OASIS Player
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