Panic in Needle Park, The (1971)

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Panic in Needle Park, The (1971) | movie
Follows the lives of heroin addicts who frequent "Needle Park" in New York City.
director: Jerry Schatzberg
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Gadd Productions Corp., Didion-Dunne

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Panik im Needle Park , Паника в Парка на дрогата , Os Viciados , Panique à Needle Park , Panik i nåleparken , Pánico en Needle Park , Paniikki Piikkipuistossa , Panique à Needle Park , Πανικός στο Νηντλ Παρκ , Pánik a Tű parkban , Panico a Needle Park , Panika adatu parke , Pánico en Needle Park , Narkomani , Pânico em Needle Park , Panika u parku droga , Panik i Needle Park , Паника в Нидл-парке , Esrar bitti

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Panic in Needle Park, The (1971)


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Dominick Dunne producer
Roger M. Rothstein associate producer


Joan Didion screenplay and
John Gregory Dunne screenplay



Al Pacino Bobby
Kitty Winn Helen
Alan Vint Hotch
Raul Julia Marco
Paul Mace Whitey
Gil Rogers Robins
Joe Santos DiBono
Paul Sorvino Samuels
Vic Ramano Santo
Bryant Fraser Prep School Boy
Dora Weissman Pawnshop Lady
Sully Boyar Doctor
Florence Tarlow Ward Nurse
Rutanya Alda Admitting Nurse
Anthony Palmer Hotel Clerk
Anthony Caso Drug Addict
Jeffrey Walker Prisoner #1
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