No Name on the Bullet (1959), Audie Murphy western movie

No Name on the Bullet (1959)

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When hired killer John Gant rides into Lordsburg, the town's folk become paranoid as each leading citizen has enemies capable of using the services of a professional killer for personal revenge.

This film was the closest Murphy came to a classic western, and, like Walk the Proud Land, has been the subject of favorable reassessment by a number of film writers in recent years, mainly in relation to the other work of director Jack Arnold.
The plot centered around John Gant (Murphy), a feared hired assassin who executed his victims without mercy — but only after legally goading them into a fight. When Gant arrives in the town of Lordsburg, his very appearance is enough to cause panic among all those hiding a guilty secret, even though he refuses to divulge the name of his intended victim.
Only after the town has been torn apart by gunfights, lynch law and suicide does Gant reveal his intentions, but is thwarted in his task when the victim, a retired Judge (Edgar Stehli), dies from a heart attack while attempting to kill Gant.
The local physician (Charles Drake), who has befriended the gunman, smashes Gain's gun arm with a blacksmith's hammer, thus ending his career by making him an easy target for the inevitable challenger.
"A lot of men would like to kill John Gant," Audie says, painfully mounting his horse.
"But it look a healer with a hammer to make it easy for them."
For most of the film Murphy did little but sit and talk, but bis presence was fell in every scene. His performance was
without question the most mature and impressive of his entire career, and Jack Arnold deserves equal credit for making
full use of his star's personality, background and dramatic limitations in a role that embraced them completely within its own structure.
It is not too presumptuous to compare Murphy's lohn Gant with Alan Ladd's immortal Shane—in each case the actor
and the role were in total accord; and if Bullet missed out on the stature of Shane, it is mainly due to the familiarity of the
Universal backlot location, the inevitable surface gloss, and a degree of shallowness in the drawing of the minor characters by writer Gene L. Coon.
Source: The Films of Audie Murphy
By Bob Larkins, Boyd Magers


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No Name on the Bullet , Auf der Kugel stand kein Name , Balas que Não Erram , Безименен куршум , Han kom for at dræbe , Luodissa ei ole nimeä , Une balle signée X , Sfaira dihos onoma , Tirandaz-e herfeyi , La pallottola senza nome , Bala sem destino , Glont fara nume , Нет имени на пуле , Una bala sin nombre , Utmanaren , Stranger from Nowhere , Nema imena na metku , No Name on Bullet

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    Jack Arnold producer
    Howard Christie producer


    Gene L. Coon screenplay


    Irving Gertz uncredited uncredited


    Audie Murphy John Gant
    Charles Drake Luke Canfield
    Joan Evans Anne Benson
    Virginia Grey Roseanne Fraden
    Warren Stevens Lou Fraden
    R.G. Armstrong Asa Canfield
    Willis Bouchey Buck Hastings
    Edgar Stehli Judge Benson
    Simon Scott Reeger
    Karl Swenson Stricker
    Whit Bissell Pierce
    John Alderson Chaffee
    Jerry Paris Harold Miller
    Russ Bender Storekeeper
    James Hyland Hugo Mott
    Fern Barry Farmer's Wife
    Marjorie Bennett Store Customer
    Bill Clark Barfly
    Russell Custer Townsman
    Edgar Dearing Charlie - Chess Player
    James Dime Townsman
    Harold Goodwin Wilson - Bank Clerk
    Herman Hack Townsman
    Al Haskell Townsman
    Helen Jay Mrs. Millie Chaffee
    Jess Kirkpatrick Poker Player
    William Mims Poker Player
    Hank Patterson Ed - Chess Player
    Volney Peavyhouse Minor Role
    Jack Perrin Townsman
    Dennis Rush Billy Chaffee
    Sam Savitsky Townsman
    Bob Steele Poker Player
    James Van Horn Townsman
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