Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939), Peter Lorre action movie

Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation (1939)

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Disguised as an Austrian archaeologist, Moto helps unearth the priceless crown of the legendary Queen of Sheba and sans disguise defends it from a variety of thugs and criminals.

This, the last of the eight Mr. Moto films, is the sort of film that is entertaining if approached in the right mood. It's fast moving, full of exotic locations and has a distinct flavor of film noir about it; most scenes take place either at night or in the
rain and are full or characters in dripping, wet-soaked overcoats. The narrow streets of old Chinatown look good — they may have been recycled from another production.
Atwill is third-billed and gives an enthusiastic performance as Professor Hildebrand, the curator of a museum that houses the crown of the Queen of Sheba. Although not a major role, Hildebrand is a still a prominent character.
What is good about the part is that Atwill is given a wonderful opportunity to relinquish his sinister persona and showcase his talent for light comedy. Professor Hildebrand is an excitable, blustering character, all of whose security devices go
wrong at the worst moments. He is first discovered in his office perusing a selection of neckties and is
berated by Joseph Schildkraut for wasting time. "There's no harm in a man trying to look his best," offers Atwill. "It won't do any good in your case," suggests Schildkraut sarcastically.
Giving a grand speech to a large audience, the professor looks to his left and sees a uniformed security' guard yawning, prompting a classic double take from the abashed and wade-eyed Atwill. He is full of fluster and bluster as he
demonstrates the museum's security devices — only to find that none of them work. When an alarm finally docs go off, he flails about like a startled chicken, his monocle flying around on its chord.
At the climax, Peter Lorre and Joseph Schildkraut fight it out in the museum, knocking into various exhibits. "My antiquities! My mummies!" squeals the horrified Atwill.
"My goodness!" cries out another character.
Source: Lionel Atwill: The Exquisite Villain
By Neil Pettigrew


65 min.

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Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation , Mr. Moto em Férias , Farvel, Mr. Moto , Mr. Moto pitää lomaa , Mr. Moto szabadságon , Mr. Moto en vacaciones , As Férias de Mr. Moto , Mr Moto i dödsfällan , Mr. Moto und sein Lockvogel , Mr Moto Takes a Vacation

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    Sol M. Wurtzel producer uncredited


    Philip MacDonald original screenplay and
    Norman Foster original screenplay
    John P. Marquand character


    Samuel Kaylin uncredited uncredited


    Peter Lorre Mr. Moto
    Joseph Schildkraut Hendrik Manderson
    Lionel Atwill Professor Hildebrand
    Virginia Field Eleanor Kirke
    John 'Dusty' King Howard Stevens
    Iva Stewart Susan French
    G.P. Huntley Archie Featherstone
    Victor Varconi Paul Borodoff
    John Bleifer Wendling
    Morgan Wallace David Perez
    Anthony Warde Joe Rubla
    Harry Strang O'Hara
    John Davidson Prince Suleid
    Eddie Abdo Arabian Officer
    Carol Adams Minor Role
    Brooks Benedict Gangster
    Willie Best Driver
    Stanley Blystone Ship's Captain
    Suey Chan Guard
    George Chandler Cameraman
    Jack Rube Clifford Sergeant on Motorcycle
    Chick Collins Driver of Armored Car
    James Conaty Ship Passenger
    Gino Corrado Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Lester Dorr Reporter
    Ralph Dunn Police Guard
    Jack Gargan Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Dick Gordon Ship Passenger
    William Gould Police Captain
    Bobbie Hale Steward
    Sam Harris Professor
    Sam Hayes Radio Announcer
    Leyland Hodgson Ship's Waiter
    Sydney Jarvis Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Isabel La Mal Matronly Woman
    Hank Mann Minor Role
    Eric Mayne Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Bert Moorhouse Reporter
    Sol Murgi Ship Passenger
    David Newell Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Tom O'Grady Husband
    Pat O'Malley Police Guard
    Lee Phelps Police Guard
    Cyril Ring Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Count Stefenelli Museum Exhibit Attendee
    Jay Ward Benny - the Bellhop
    Eric Wilton Archaeology Professor
    Robert Winkler Boy on Ship
    Beal Wong Chinese Restaurant Patron
    Iris Wong Waitress
    Jadin Wong Dancer
    Victor Wong Restaurant Proprietor
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