Mars Attacks! (1996), Jack Nicholson comedy movie

Mars Attacks! (1996)

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It is a normal day for everyone, until President of the United States James Dale (Jack Nicholson) announces Martians have been spotted circling Earth. The Martians land and a meeting is arranged, but not everything goes to plan, and the Martians seem to have other plans for Earth. Are they just misunderstood beings or do they really want to destroy all of humanity?


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106 min.

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comedy sci-fi

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english french
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finland: K-12 uk: 12 usa: PG-13

production companies

Tim Burton Productions warner bros.


Mars Attacks! , ¡Marcianos al ataque! , Marte Ataca! , Марсиански атаки! , Mars attaque! , Mars napada , Mars útočí! , Mars Attacks , Marss ründab! , Mars hyökkää! , Mars Hyökkää! , Οι Αρειανοί επιτίθενται , Támad a Mars! , Ha-Plisha M'Ma'adim , Mazu Atakku! , マーズ・アタック! , Marsas atakuoja , Marsjanie atakują! , Atacul Martienilor , Atacul martienilor! , Марс атакует! , Марс напада , 星戰毀滅者 , Çılgın marslılar , Марс атакує!

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    Tim Burton producer
    Paul Deason associate producer
    Larry Franco producer
    Mark S. Miller associate producer
    Mary Ann Marino associate producer uncredited
    Laurie Parker producer uncredited


    Len Brown trading card series &
    Woody Gelman trading card series &
    Wally Wood trading card series &
    Bob Powell trading card series &
    Norman Saunders trading card series as Norm Saunders
    Jonathan Gems screen story
    Jonathan Gems screenplay



    Jack Nicholson President James Dale / Art Land
    Glenn Close First Lady Marsha Dale
    Annette Bening Barbara Land
    Pierce Brosnan Professor Donald Kessler
    Danny DeVito Rude Gambler
    Martin Short Press Secretary Jerry Ross
    Sarah Jessica Parker Nathalie Lake
    Michael J. Fox Jason Stone
    Rod Steiger General Decker
    Tom Jones Tom Jones
    Lukas Haas Richie Norris
    Natalie Portman Taffy Dale
    Jim Brown Byron Williams
    Lisa Marie Martian Girl
    Sylvia Sidney Grandma Florence Norris
    Paul Winfield General Casey
    Pam Grier Louise Williams
    Jack Black Billy Glenn Norris
    Janice Rivera Cindy, Byron's Co-Worker
    Ray J Cedric Williams
    Brandon Hammond Neville Williams
    Joe Don Baker Richie's Dad
    O-Lan Jones Sue Ann Norris
    Brian Haley Mitch, Secret Service Agent
    Jerzy Skolimowski Dr. Zeigler
    Timi Prulhiere White House Tour Guide
    Barbet Schroeder Maurice, the French President
    Chi Hoang Cai Mr. Lee
    Tommy Bush Hillbilly
    Joseph Maher White House Decorator
    Willie Garson Corporate Guy
    John Roselius GNN Boss
    Michael Reilly Burke GNN Reporter
    Valerie Wildman GNN Reporter
    Richard Irving GNN Reporter
    Jonathan Emerson Newscaster
    Vinny Argiro Mr. Brian, Casino Manager
    Steve Valentine TV Director
    Coco Leigh Female Journalist
    Jeffrey King NASA Technician
    Enrique Castillo Hispanic Colonel
    Don Lamoth Colonel #2
    C. Wayne Owens Stranger
    John Finnegan Speaker of the House
    Ed Lambert Morose Old Guy
    John Gray Incredibly Old Guy
    Gregg Daniel Lab Technician
    Rance Howard Texan Investor
    Jeanne Mori Doctor
    Richard Assad Saudi Investor
    Velletta Carlson Elderly Woman Playing Slots
    Kevin Mangan Trailer Lover
    Rebeca Silva Hispanic Woman
    Julian Barnes White House Waiter
    Ken Thomas White House Photographer
    Darelle Porter Holden Tom Jones Backup Singer
    Christi Black Tom Jones Backup Singer
    Sharon Hendrix Tom Jones Backup Singer
    Frank Welker Various Martians
    Jim Beatty Reporter
    John Bradley Reporter
    Colleen Ann Brah Tom Jones Show Girl
    Greg Bronson Businessman at Newsstand
    Mac Canepi Desert Landing Spectator
    Page Dreher Spectator
    Geri Gilmore Old Hippy Lady
    Roger Jackson Translator Device
    Walt G. Ludwig Tank Gunner
    Walter Ludwig Navy-Band Member
    Stephanie Masoner Ambassador Martian
    Scott McKinley Reporter
    Bob Pepper Attacked Citizen
    Kelly Lynn Richards Washington DC Tourist
    David Sherrill Lt. Col. Swenson
    Alexandra Smothers Cleopatra Cocktail Waitress
    Jay So Gambler
    Jay Michael Suttles Desert Spectator
    Edward Tubbs Desert Landing Spectator
    Carl Washington White House Tourist
    Don Winsor Policeman
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