Macbeth (2015)

movie | war, drama, history | uk, france, usa

Macbeth (2015), Jack Madigan war movie


Justin Kurzel


Jack Madigan ... Macbeth Child
Frank Madigan ... Macbeth Child
Michael Fassbender ... Macbeth
Marion Cotillard ... Lady Macbeth
Paddy Considine ... Banquo
Lochlann Harris ... Fleance

(90 others)
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Macbeth, the Thane of Glamis, receives a prophecy from a trio of witches that one day he will become King of Scotland. Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by his wife, Macbeth murders his king and takes the throne for himself.

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113 min.

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See-Saw Films DMC Film Anton Capital Entertainment (ACE) Film 4 Creative Scotland Studio Canal


Macbeth , Macbeth: Ambição e Guerra , Makbet , Makbets , Макбет

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Macbeth (2015)
Macbeth (2015)

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Jenny Borgars executive producer
Iain Canning producer
Olivier Courson executive producer
Danny Perkins executive producer
Rosa Romero line producer: additional photography
Tessa Ross executive producer
Emile Sherman producer
Andrew Warren co-producer
Bob Weinstein executive producer
Harvey Weinstein executive producer


Todd Louiso screenplay &
Jacob Koskoff screenplay and
Michael Lesslie screenplay



Jack Madigan Macbeth Child
Frank Madigan Macbeth Child
Marion Cotillard Lady Macbeth
Kayla Fallon Young Witch
Lynn Kennedy Middle-Aged Witch
Seylan Baxter Older Witch
Amber Rissmann Child Witch
Scot Greenan Young Boy Soldier
Hilton McRae Macdonwald
David Hayman Lennox
Jack Reynor Malcolm
Brian Nickels Thane of Cawdor
Sean Harris Macduff
Scott Dymond Seyton
Maurice Roëves Menteith
Elizabeth Debicki Lady Macduff
Andrew Gourlay Ghost Soldier
Eleanor Stagg Macduff Child 1
William Stagg Macduff Child 2
Matthew Stagg Macduff Child 3
Rebecca Benson Maidservant
Gerard Miller Messenger
Roy Sampson Doctor
Phil Lonergan Masked Attacker
Lasco Atkins Macbeth Soldier
Stewart Bailey Macbeth Soldier
Jamie Biddulph Norwegian Soldier
Iain Cartledge Scottish Soldier
Martin Crossingham Norwegian Soldier
Phoebe De'Ath Village Child
Nick Donald Macbeth Soldier
Robert Dukes Norwegian Soldier
Valeria Dundere Villager
Charlotte Dunnico Villager 12
Guinevere Edwards Supporting Artiste
Paul Ellard Scottish Soldier
Sam Exley English Soldier
Dino Fazzani Macbeth Solider
Mike Firth Macbeth Soldier
Graham Ford Macbeth Soldier
Robert J. Fraser Macbeth Soldier
Julian Gillard Norwegian Soldier
Rod Glenn Macbeth's Soldier
Che Grant English Soldier
Felix Garcia Guyer Macbeth Soldier
David Handley King's Bodyguard
John W.G. Harley Funeral Attendee
Marina Hayter Villager
Pete Buzzsaw Holland Macduff Personal Guard
Tina Holland Villager
Vera Horton Villager
Alex Klaus Macbeth Soldier
Hrvoje Klecz Soldier
Cristian Lazar English Soldier
Teddy Lewis Macbeth Soldier
Keith Lomas English Soldier
Jeff Longland English Soldier
John-Alick MacNeil Macbeth Soldier
Suzanna Marchant Mourning wench
Stephen Mason English Soldier
Stephen McDade English Soldier
Steven John Nice English Soldier
Harry Palmer Scottish Warrior
Tsvetan Paunov English Soldier
Mac Pietowski Norwegian Soldier
TyLean Polley Villager
Adam Rabinowitz Norwegian Soldier
James Michael Rankin Macbeth Soldier
Mike Ray Macbeth Soldier
Gordon Ryde Macbeth Soldier
Shane Salter Norwegian Soldier
Kevin Smith Macbeth soldier
Harry Spencer-Phillips Young Boy Soldier
David Swift English soldier
Dan Twine Scottish Soldier
Daniel Westwood Special Action Soldier
Ian Zarate English Soldier
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