Gunpoint (1966), Audie Murphy western movie

Gunpoint (1966)

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A young, determined sheriff and his posse chase a gang of murderous train robbers, and a kidnapped woman into New Mexico.

Murphy's final film for Universal was a jumbled hodge-podge of badly faked studio sets (the waterfall sequence), impressive locations, contrived plotting and stock footage from earlier Murphy Universal westerns.
The film established its low production values at the outset when Murphy appeared in his Night Passage costume, followed by his entire introductory sequence from that earlier film (showing him riding up a hill and jumping onto the top of a moving train), with occasional close-ups inserted. Later came action scenes from Kid from Texas, Cimarron Kid, Kansas
Raiders, the death of Richard Rober under the horse stampede in Sierra (this time used to dispose of villain Denver Fyle),
and yet another repeat of the canyon ambush from Bend of the River.
Murphy played the sheriff of a tough frontier town (a most unconvincing studio backlot setting) who leads a posse in pursuit of an outlaw gang who have kidnapped saloon singer Joan Stalry after robbing the train of a million dollars. The posse gradually dwindles to three: Murphy, the rescued Staley, and saloon owner Warren Stevens (who wants the robbery loot — and Staley—for himself). Despite recurring his of blindness from a wound suffered during the Indian attack. Murphy kills Stevens, saves the money and gets the girl.
Source: The Films of Audie Murphy By Bob Larkins, Boyd Magers


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Gunpoint , Der Colt ist das Gesetz , Matar ou Cair , Colorado Kid , Junarosvojen jäljillä , La parole est au colt , O assos tou pistoliou , Pistole roventi , A punta de pistola , De Sheriff schiet altijd raak , Na Ponta da Pistola , Catarea armei , Usijani pištolji , Traición y olvido , Tågplundrarna i Colorado , Usijani pistolji

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    Willard W. Willingham as Willard Willingham



    Audie Murphy Chad Lucas
    Joan Staley Uvalde
    Warren Stevens Nate Harlan
    David Macklin Mark Emerson
    Morgan Woodward Drago Leon
    Robert Pine Mitchell
    John Hoyt Mayor Osborne
    Ford Rainey Tom Emerson
    Roy Barcroft Dr. Beardsley
    Jimmie Booth Barfly
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    Max Wagner Townsman
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