Dr. No (1962), Sean Connery action movie

Dr. No (1962)

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A resourceful British government agent seeks answers in a case involving the disappearance of a colleague and the disruption of the American space program.


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Dr. No , El satánico Dr. No , 007 - Dr. No , James Bond 007 contre docteur No , James Bond 007 contre Dr. No , James Bond 007 tegen Dr. No , 007 Contra o Satânico Dr. No , O Satânico Dr. No , Доктор Но , James Bond: Dr. No , Agent 007 - mission drab , 007: Dr No , Den hemliga agenten 007 och doktor No , Salainen agentti 007 ja tohtori No , Salainen agentti ja tri No , Salainen agentti 007 ja tri No , 007 ja Tri No , Docteur No , James Bond 007 jagt Dr. No , James Bond, praktor 007 enantion dros No , Δόκτωρ Νο , Doctor No , Agente 007 - Licenza di uccidere , 007/Dokutâ Nô , 007/Koroshi no bangô , 007は殺しの番号 , Daktaras Ne , Agent 007 , Doktor No , Agente Secreto 007 , Доктор Ноу , L'agent 007 contra el doctor No , Agente 007 contra el Dr. No , Agent 007 med rätt att döda , Agent 007... med rätt att döda , 第七號情報員 , 007: Доктор Ноу , Ian Fleming's Dr. No

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    Harry Saltzman producer
    Stanley Sopel associate producer uncredited


    Richard Maibaum screenplay &
    Johanna Harwood screenplay &
    Berkely Mather screenplay
    Wolf Mankowitz treatment uncredited
    Terence Young uncredited



    Sean Connery James Bond
    Ursula Andress Honey Ryder
    Jack Lord Felix Leiter
    Anthony Dawson Professor Dent
    Zena Marshall Miss Taro
    Eunice Gayson Sylvia Trench
    Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
    Peter Burton Major Boothroyd
    Yvonne Shima Sister Lily
    Michel Mok Sister Rose
    Marguerite LeWars Annabel Chung - Photographer
    William Foster-Davis Superintendent Duff
    Dolores Keator Mary Trueblood
    Reggie Carter Mr. Jones
    Louis Blaazer Pleydell-Smith
    Colonel Burton General Potter
    Abbot Anderson Crab Key Guard
    Jack Arrow Le Cercle Patron
    Nigel Bernard Le Cercle Patron
    Keith Binns Crab Key Guard
    Chris Blackwell Henchman Jumping Off Dock into Water
    Kes Chin Dragon Guard
    Anthony Chinn Decontamination Technician
    Diana Coupland Honey Ryder - Singing Voice
    Eric Coverley 1st Three Blind Mice Assassin
    Alicia Deane Woman in Dr. No's Lair
    Charles Edghill 2nd Three Blind Mice Assassin
    Margaret Ellery Stewardess
    Joe Enrikie Le Cercle Patron
    Lancelot Evans Crab Key Dock Guard
    Peter Evans Le Cercle Patron
    Hilary Farish Stewardess
    Alan Gold Croupier at La Cercle
    Arthur Goodman Le Cercle Patron
    Richard Gregory Le Cercle Waiter
    Victor Harrington Le Cercle Patron
    John Hatton Radio Operator
    George Hilsdon Le Cercle Patron
    Billy John Le Cercle Patron
    Gerry Judge Le Cercle Waiter
    Pat Judge Le Cercle Waiter
    Juba Kennerley Le Cercle Patron
    Bettine Le Beau Professor Dent's Secretary
    Arnold Lee Le Cercle Patron
    Byron Lee Singer at Puss Feller's
    George Leech Decontamination Technician
    Dan Lester Le Cercle Patron
    Henry Lopez 3rd Three Blind Mice Assassin
    Keith Lyn Vocalist - the Dragonaires
    Louis Marriott Dragon Guard
    Colin McKenzie Le Cercle Patron
    Count Prince Miller Nightclub Dancer
    Stanley Morgan Concierge at Le Cercle
    Tim Moxon Professor John Strangways
    Malou Pantera Hotel Receptionist
    Willie Payne Johnny - Hotel Worker
    Lester Pendergast Puss Feller
    Carol Reckford Dent's Boat Captain
    Milton Reid Dr. No's Guard
    Robert Rietty John Strangways / Superintendent Duff
    Adrian Robinson Hearse Driver
    Carey Robinson Guard with Loudspeaker
    Harold Sanderson Le Cercle Patron
    Bunny Seaman Le Cercle Patron
    John Sefton Le Cercle Croupier
    Maxwell Shaw Communications Operator
    Bob Simmons James Bond in Gunbarrel Sequence
    Frank Singuineau Hotel Waiter
    John Smart Le Cercle Patron
    Graham Tonbridge Le Cercle Patron
    Nikki Van der Zyl Honey Ryder / Sylvia Trench / Various
    Robert Vossler Le Cercle Waiter
    Pearl Walters Le Cercle Patron
    John Wilder Le Cercle Cashier
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