Boyfriend School, The (1990)

movie | comedy, romance | uk, usa

Boyfriend School, The |
Gus is a fat cartoonist that recently won a battle against cancer, which explains his baldness. But he is also lonely. Therefore, his caring sister tries to set him up with suitable women. But to do so, she must turn him into an irresistible man. When he falls in love with Emily, Gus takes the identity of a mysterious biker from New Zealand.
director: Malcolm Mowbray
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comedy, romance

production companies:
hemdale, Sovereign Pictures

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Don't Tell Her It's Me , No le digan que soy yo , Coup de foudre à Charleston , Училище за гаджета , Não Diga Quem Sou Eu , Un look d'enfer , Mit den besten Absichten , Min drømmefyr , No le digas que soy yo , Sinäkö se olet? , Un look d'enfer , O typos me tin Harley Davidson , A szerelem Harley Davidsonon érkezik , Non dirle chi sono , Busco una novia , Se busca novia , Não Lhe Digas que sou Eu , Säg inte att det är jag , А ей ни слова обо мне , Ona ben oldugumu söyleme , The Boyfriend School

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Boyfriend School, The (1990)


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Chris Coles associate producer
John Daly executive producer
Derek Gibson executive producer
Ron Hamady producer


Sarah Bird novel
Sarah Bird screenplay



Shelley Long Lizzie Potts
Steve Guttenberg Gus Kubicek
Jami Gertz Emily Pear
Kevin Scannell Mitchell Potts
Perry Anzilotti Hairdresser
Nada Despotovich Receptionist
Beth Grant Babette
Don Hood Deputy
Bill Applebaum Man in Bar
O'Neal Compton Gas Station Attendant
Ron Orbach Bobbi
Stacy Areheart Teenage Girl
Bert Hogue Airport Security Guard
Michelle Torres Ticket Agent
William 'Birdman' Thomas Man in Line #1
Sam Youngblood Man in Line #2
Laura Alcalde Bartender
Melanie A. Gendron Receptionist
Bonnie Terheggen Woman in Bar
Sally Lund Annabelle
Caroline Lund Annabelle
Jeannie Epper Woman Thug
Tony Epper Gas Station Thug
Joe Mowbray Boy on Bike
Laura Vineyard Office Worker
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