Apache Rifles (1964), Audie Murphy western movie

Apache Rifles (1964)

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A young cavalry officer is assigned the job of bringing in a band of Apaches who have been terrorizing the countryside.

In a story of rebellion, Jeff Stanton (Murphy) is a cavalry officer who gets involved in a conflict between white settlers and Indians. Whites have caused much trouble trying to make the Indians look guilty in the killing of the while Indian trader Stanton is sent to subdue an Indian uprising before it happens. With the aid of a half-Indian girl. Dawn (Gillis (Lawson),
Stanton is able to deal with a land ownership legal dispute, racism and the Apache uprising led by Red Hawk (Dante). Unknown to the film company, a large-scale tactical maneuvers were about to take place by the US Army in the Mojave Desert, where seven thousand troops were to be deployed as two armies.
Both modern armies equipped with ihe most efficient of military weapons slowly closed in on a band of Apaches armed only with bows and arrows, high-tailed it to director William Witney for safety. After all the misunderstandings were straightened out, Audie Murphy, an old Army man himself, volunteered to entertain the troops as a peace offering. Murphy still remains the most sought-after actor for Westerns, and who also remains the humble, loyal, and quiet-spoken man. Admiral Pictures/20th FOX 92min.
Source: The American Western A Complete Film Guide By Terry Rowan


William Witney
as William H. Witney

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92 min.

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Robert E. Kent Productions


Apache Rifles , Flecha apache , Aufstand in Arizona , Apachen Furie , Furie Apache , Rifles Apaches , Indianer-massakren , Viimeinen hyökkäys , La fureur des Apaches , Die große Indianer Spielfilm-Box , To geraki tou Texas , Το γεράκι του Τέξας , Tofanghaye apache , Tamburi ad ovest , Strzelby Apaczow , Carabine Apase , винтовок Апачи , Vintovok Apachi , Rifles apaches , Apache Uprising , Puske Apaca

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    William Witney as William H. Witney


    Grant Whytock associate producer



    Audie Murphy Jeff Stanton
    Michael Dante Red Hawk
    Linda Lawson Dawn Gillis
    L.Q. Jones Mike Greer
    Ken Lynch Hodges
    Joseph Vitale Victorio
    Robert Brubaker Sgt. Cobb
    Eugene Iglesias Cpl. Ramirez
    J. Pat O'Malley Capt. Thatcher
    John Archer Col. Perry
    Charles Watts Crawford Owens
    Howard Wright Thompson
    Peter Hansen Capt. Green
    Robert Karnes Sheriff
    Hugh Sanders Arizona Delegate
    Sydney Smith General of the Army
    S. John Launer Gen. Nelson
    Fred Carson Indian
    Cecil Combs Townsman
    Herman Hack Townsman
    Frank Hagney Townsman
    Boyd 'Red' Morgan Trooper Hogan
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