Aftermath (2017)

movie | drama, thriller | usa, uk

Aftermath |

Two strangers' lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.


Elliott Lester


Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Roman
Scoot McNairy ... Jake
Maggie Grace ... Christina
Judah Nelson ... Samuel
Larry Sullivan ... James Gullick
Jason McCune ... Thomas

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drama, thriller

production companies

emmett/furla/oasis films (efo films), Hat and Cat Productions, Ingenious Media, oak productions, Pacific View Management, protozoa pictures, Union Editorial, thefyzz

spoken languages

english, thai

aspect ratio



94 min.

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Aftermath , 478 , Aftermath - La vendetta , Aftermath: Impact , Em Busca de Vingança , Kõik, mis juhtub pärast , Maščevanje , Pasekme , Pasojat , Po katastrofie , Secuelas , Tissa 112 , Una historia de venganza , Utóhatás , Vendetta: Alles was ihm blieb war Rache , Βεντέτα , Последствия

Age restrictions:

finland: K-16 uk: 15 usa: R

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Age restrictions:

australia: MA15+ denmark: 15 finland: K-16 germany: 16 greece: K-15 indonesia: 17+ japan: PG12 norway: 15 philippines: R-13 singapore: NC16 south korea: 15 sweden: 15 uk: 15 usa: R

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'Arnoldi vetää roolinsa ihan hyvä mutta se ei auta yhtään siinä asiassa että kyseessä on puiseva ja kliseinen sekä täysin turha draama'
rating: 4. watched: Ville Lähde 15. 5 2018 (netflix)

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Aftermath (2017)


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Ryan S. Black co-executive producer
Martin Blencowe executive producer
Barry Brooker executive producer
Anthony Callie co-producer
Peter Dealbert producer
Randall Emmett producer
Ted Fox executive producer
Scott Franklin producer
George Furla producer
Jon Galanis assistant producer
Wayne Marc Godfrey executive producer
Javier Gullón executive producer
Ari Handel executive producer
Anthony Jabre executive producer
Robert Jones executive producer
Arnaud Lannic associate producer
Christophe Lannic associate producer
Vance Owen executive producer
Steven Saxton executive producer
William B. Steakley line producer
Josh Stern executive producer
Mark Stewart executive producer
Timothy C. Sullivan co-producer
Michael J. Urann associate producer
Eric Watson producer
Stan Wertlieb executive producer


Javier Gullón written by as Javier Gullon


Mark D. Todd as Mark Todd as Mark Todd


Maggie Grace Christina
Judah Nelson Samuel
Larry Sullivan James Gullick
Jason McCune Thomas
Christopher Darga Andrew / Corpulent Man
Teri Clark Airline Supervisor
Jeff Panzarella Airport Employee
Aaron Crutchfield Technician
Keith Flippen Psychiatrist
Kevin Zegers John Gullick
Philip Winters Neighbor
Kittson O'Neill Female Coordinator
Lewis Pullman Stranger / Samuel
Becky Meister Family Member #1
Kyle Merryman Family Member #2
Mo McRae Saab
John Moon Airline Representative
David Raine Worker #1
Brian Gallagher Worker #2
Eric Watson Co-Worker
Kevin Murray Master of Ceremonies
Christine Dye Employee #1
Megan Leonard Employee #2
Danny Mooney Squirrel
Neal Ghant Steve
Scott A. Martin Gardener
McKenna Kerrigan Female Officer
Nathan Hollabaugh Reporter #1
Gary Warden Travel Agency Man
Kasey Daley Travel Agency Woman
Joy Corrigan Shelly
Michael B. Coleman Airport Passenger
Jazz Securo Strip Club DJ
Yolanda Harris Field Reporter
Walter von Huene Volunteer
Bob Kendrick Local Anchorman
Bill Kelly Local Meteorologist
Dylan Keith Adams Memorial Attendee
Rex Alba Medical Personnel
Laura Allen TV News Reporter
Matthew W. Allen Memorial Guest
Mark Angel Airline Passenger
Ahmaad Aspen Airport Employee
Tyler Beaty Airport Passenger
Victoria Borbridge Family Member
Bill Bower Airline Passenger
Brian Bowman Prisoner
John E. Brownlee NTSB Agent / Memorial Attendee
Michael Bynes Detective
Joe Camoriano Bartender
Reid Carpenter Officer Wilson
Shuo Chen Airport Passenger
Gary Chinn Jacob's Father
Jill Coughlin Grocery Store Patron
Jami Cullen Crying Memorial Attendee
Lynn Downey Memorial Attendee
Tim Downey Memorial Attendee
Donnie Dunn Store Patron
Chase Dunnette News Reporter
Kim Evans News Reporter
Garey Faulkner Prison Inmate / Bubba's Boyfriend
Crystal Feyh Dancer
Logan Fry HAZMAT Tech / Crash Site Mourner
Jerry Gallagher Airline Pilot
Kristie Galloway Airport Passenger
Alexa Glaser Memorial Mourner
Jim Gloyd Airport Passenger
Josh Heileman Reporter
Carl G. Herrick Detective
Debra Herzog Memorial Guest
Adam Hicks Police Officer
Nagy Jay TV Cameraman
Myrom Kingery Fireman
Bryan Kruse Cameraman
Christina Lambert Diner Patron
Rich Lewis Airport Executive
Joe Maurer Gun Shop Patron
Harry McCane Airport Passenger
Cory McKinney Cameraman Oscar
Doug Meacham Fireman / Memorial Guest
Kenneth Meyer Airport Technician
Zoya Naumchik Airport Passenger
Lon Nease Airport Passenger
Jack Norman Prison Inmate
Nicholas Palacio Memorial Attendee
Ellen Pepper Travel Agency Customer
David Pittinger Travel Agent
Charles Poole Distraught Family Member
Michelle Poole Distraught Passenger
Shawn Pruchnicki Mourner at Funeral
Matt Ridley Airport Passenger
Allison Rowe Memorial Family Member
Samantha Russell News Reporter
Mark Salas Hazmat Crew
Debbie Scaletta News Reporter
Brad Sherman Airport Passenger
Kevin W. Shiveley II Crash Site Worker & Memorial Guest
Kevin W. Shiveley Police Detective
Kevin Slone Memorial Guest
Erik Sternberger Hazmat Tech Supervisor
Chris Storck Construction Worker
Theresa Sutera Ice Cream Shop Waitress
Tammy Tsai Olena
Jim Waldfogle Family Member
Robert Alan Walker Funeral Guest
Olivia Wallace Reporter
Ming Wang Airport Employee
Peggy Warner Memorial Service Attendee
Ronnie Webb Construction Worker
William Willet Airport Liaison
Ted Williams Prisoner
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