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DOLEMITE (1975) & Dolemite is My Name (2019) Featured video review

watch Dolemite (1975) review
After watching Eddie Muphy's biopic Dolemite Is My Name I had to see the original film and it is great fun every time! Half of the fun comes from Rudy Ray Moore's higlhly quotable one liners and the other half comes from high incompetence of the film makers behind this late Blaxploitation epoch. There is something wrong in almost every scene and Rudy Ray Moore seems to be high on his own ego. Dolemite has this kinda charming home made quality to it but stage acts at the end of the picture are a bit of a showstopper. But never mind that because the scene ends in a massacre and guts ripped out! Dolemite is in many ways an end of an Blaxploitation era. It is almost making the fun of the entire genre without even knowing it. I GOT YOUR BOY HANGING, YOU NO BUSINESS BORN INSECURE JUNKYARD MOTHERFUCKER!

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